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20th Anniversary Case Study: Maqsood Haider

26th 二月 2020

Maqsood Haider owns a franchise in Delhi, India. Here, he tells us how he has grown to become one of the top franchisees in the InXpress India network, in just five years.

I bought my InXpress franchise in 2014. I had a long background in logistics and so knew that the InXpress model is unrivalled in the industry and how invaluable the business’s partnerships with world class carriers would be for me. What really attracted me to the business model though, was the excellent operational support you get with InXpress. This meant that I could focus all my efforts on sales and business development.

I hit the ground running, signing up some good customers in my first month. Within a year I had made a return on investment. The positivity and support from the network and head office contributed a lot to my success. I had weekly conference calls with team members who were there to support and mentor me, including them attending some of my early calls to prospects who turned in to loyal customers.

There is still work to be done to grow my franchise and I have big ambitions to become the number one franchise in the Asia Pacific region, but I am pleased with my success to-date, including being awarded the title of Franchisor of the Year at InXpress India’s annual convention, three times in five years!. 

Before I bought my franchise, I was in a job which had required a lot of travel and it got to the stage where I wanted to reduce this so that I could be near my family. I am married with two small children and I wanted more time to spend with them, including playing cricket with my son which we both love, and travelling as a family. Because I was previously away with work so much, there was not much opportunity to do this together. My InXpress franchise has changed all of that though!