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20th Anniversary Case Study: Rizwan Mohammad

26th 二月 2020

Rizwan Mohammad was working in the marketing department of a major consumer electronics corporation when he first heard about InXpress, via an email from the Franchise India Association. The subject line, “InXpress has a global partnership with DHL”, caught his attention and the rest is history! Rizwan, who owns a franchise in NCR, Noida, shares his InXpress story with us, including the reason why franchising has given him both the security and freedom he was seeking.

Being employed, especially at a large company, can bring insecurities. You don’t always feel in charge of your own destiny as, for example, they could decide to transfer you to another region at the drop of a hat! I was seeking a more settled life and control of my future, which is why I decided I wanted my own business. My father had his own business when I was young, and it meant he could spend time with me while I was growing up – I liked that aspect of business ownership too.

Whilst researching business opportunities, it became clear to me that franchising is the safe way to start a business, as the franchisor knows what they are doing even if you don’t! They also have a track record and when I decided to pursue the InXpress model, I was able to speak to existing franchisees who gave me a fantastic insight into life as a franchisee and their results. 

I had no business management experience when I bought my franchise, but I did have a strong knowledge of sales that could be transferred to my franchise – though I never imagined I would be selling logistics! I knew I had made the right decision when I was named ‘InXpress Franchisee of the Year’ in 2016, after an amazing year. 

A couple of years ago, I employed a rep who focuses solely on sales. I continue to sell, whilst also managing any customer service issues and the day-to-day running of the business. We are both responsible for building relationships with our customers and retaining them.  

My wife and I love to travel, and my franchise has given me the freedom to do this. Over the past few years we have visited the Maldives, Sri Lanka, Europe and Australia! The InXpress network is a family, and the more we help each other the better we all do – we grow together. I am excited by the future.