How InXpress is helping clients to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic

Is it time to start thinking strategically about what you want?

10th 十一月 2020

With over 20 years’ experience in the logistics industry, Duncan Bird knew he needed to offer more to his customer, if he was to keep-up with the changing times. Determined to find better shipping solutions and grow his business, his journey led him to become InXpress’ 101st UK franchisee!

Duncan Bird had successfully established and built up a same day delivery and logistics company. But, he started to wonder if there was a way he could go the extra mile for his customers, by offering something unique which would put him ahead of the competition. He knew about InXpress and was impressed by their industry reputation, so looked into them as a “bolt-on” to his current business.

As Duncan explains, “With over 20 years’ experience in the industry, I knew what I wanted, and I knew where I wanted to take my career. I wanted to better myself, whilst growing my existing business. I also wanted to offer my customers the best service possible. This is where InXpress came in. I ended up speaking with Ben in franchise recruitment – he also co-owns two his own InXpress franchises – and his passion for the brand shone through. He probably sold it to me in the first beat, to be honest!”

By using innovative software and decades of industry expertise, the InXpress franchise allows entrepreneurial individuals, like Duncan, to be part of a global network of business logistics providers. “With our extensive network of trusted contacts and providers,” explains Jon White, InXpress UK’s Country Manager, “we offer our franchisees a fully scalable model which is ideal for both newcomers to the industry, and those looking to expand their operations. By adding InXpress’ services to an existing businesses, franchisees can enjoy the best of both worlds: all the independence of their own career, with all the benefits of being part of an established global brand.”

Duncan agrees, “I do like being my own boss. Obviously, I still have targets to meet, but at the end of the day it is my business, and I am keen to see it grow. I want it to be successful, which is my biggest incentive.”

Economic factors played a major part in Duncan’s decision, too. The logistics and shipping industry was one of the few industries which saw significant growth during the covid crisis. So, Duncan recognised the potential for his business, by taking a proactive role in future-proofing it. “With the economy moving so quickly online, I picked just the right time to invest in E-Commerce,” he explained. “Everything suddenly shifted – almost overnight! This is what spurred me to really thinking strategically about where I wanted to go with my business.”

At the start of Autumn, Duncan joined the 100th franchisee, Matt Strutt for the InXpress training programme, and has started implementing what he’s been taught. “Since finishing the two week training, I’ve been speaking with my existing customers to explain about the new solutions I now offer. The InXpress’ sales training, really helped me to quickly put the right information across to my clients. Some have already signed-up, whilst others are interested in knowing more about what I can do for them. It’s starting to come together, which is really, really good for me!” 

Aside from being able to grow his business in a sustainable and profitable way with the InXpress tried-and-tested system, Duncan discovered one of the biggest advantages of being our 101st franchisee, is moving closer to that magical work-life balance we are all searching for. As the father of four explained, “Previously, I was often the one doing the deliveries for the same-day service we offer. But now, I’m spend more time in an office, I have more time for myself and my family. I wanted to be able to do more with my wife and kids, which is one of the reasons InXpress was right for me. In the past, I was working maybe 60-80 hours per week, was rarely at home, often spending nights in hotels. I enjoy being at home more, and believe I will earn more through my bolt-on, as I follow the model!”

Duncan opened his franchise in September 2020 and hasn’t looked back. You can find him most mornings warming up on his treadmill before sitting down at his desk with a steaming cup of coffee, ready to start making some calls! 

“I think I am going to be successful, and I think that anyone else who comes on board will be successful too – as long as they follow the plan! With InXpress, it’s consistently proven to work.”

Is it time to start thinking strategically about what you want?